GRANDEZZA / video mapping installation
Our main goal was to make a fully emotional projection mapping installation that linked with the products of the shopping center "Grandezza". We created illustrations that came to life inside the building and also created an outer facade that was fully integrated with a musical composition that was specifically written for this. The visuals and music of the installation were fully committed to the style and mood of the project.

director - Javid Guliyev
illustrator - Aygun Hasanova
motion design - Agarahim Ibrahimov
music - Farhad Farzaliyev
technical director - Anar Gurbanov
technical crew - Sergey Gumenyuk / Oleksandr Berezniak (LightConverse)
technical support - A+A Event
special thanks - Grandezza Departament Store
special thanks - Dilara Panakhova / Uveys Heydarov / Ratmir Seyfudinov
special thanks - Zahra Badalbeyli

11.10.2014 / Baku / Azerbaijan

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