SUR/REALISM / Spain / video mapping installation
It is a little story about two parallel realities which we can see in the same time – our real world and on the other side of the dividing strip – a parallel reality, where a little boy falls , when he just comes out into the balcony.
This project was dedicated to the confrontation between such different realities following the questions - is what we see real? Does alternative reality exist?

Director - Javid Guliyev
Motion Design - Agarahim Ibragimov
Concept Illustrations - Aygun Hesenova
Music - Farhad Farzaliyev & Ekaterina Prokina
Thanks to Zeynab Jahan
Special Thanks to Organizators of FIMG festival!
We also would like to thank Jury and all Participants!

31.07.2015 / Girona / Catalonia / Spain

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