VIVA LAS VEGAS / Los Angeles / video mapping installation
A very festive and colorful Video Mapping project was created in the style of the famous Viva Las Vegas. It was presented in the gorgeous penthouse of the skyscraper in the South Park neighborhood of Los Angeles, California in honor of the beautiful young lady's bat-mitzvah celebration.
We used most iconic images and symbols of Las Vegas accompanied by the great vocal of legendary Elvis Presley. We were able to showcase the spirit and atmosphere of the mesmerizing city and create the unforgettable experience for the hosts and their guests.

Director's - Javid Guliyev, Mehti Abidov, Narmin Israfilova
Producer - Evgeny Dobin
Concept Illustrations - Aygun Hesenova
Motion Design - Dmitry Yurin
Music - Elvis Presley - Viva las Vegas - remix by Farhad Farzaliyev
Sound Effects - Farhad Farzaliyev

11.11.2017 / Los Angeles / California / USA

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