TRAFFIC PROJECT / Venice Biennale / video mapping installation
The idea of the project is to show an abstract episode of people’s life coexisting all together and living their lives in parallel time interacting and leaving a trace in time, which finally will lead to the emergence of a new character of a human and demonstrate the looping of LIFE.

Commissioner: Ambassador Mammad Ahmadzada
Executor: Heydar Aliyev Foundation, Baku, Azerbaijan
Curators: Prof.Dr. Martin Roth, Emin Mammadov
Advistor: Dr. Shirin Y. Melikova
Coordinators: Narmina Khalilova, Ekaterina Tasheva, Ulviyya Aliyeva, Farhad Boyukzada
Coordinators in Venice: Paolo De Grandis, Carlotta Scarpa, PDG Arte Communications
Technical Support: Christian Sturminger, Nicolai Rigler, Erwin Polasek, Martin Zeplichal

Director - Javid Guliyev
Concept Illustrations - Aygun Hesenova
Motion Design - Agarahim Ibragimov, Javid Guliyev, Orxan Sheydayev
Sound - Farhad Farzaliyev
Camera - Anar Qurbanov
Film editor - Mehti Abidov

The Azerbaijan Pavilion / Biennale Arte 2017

Under One Sun / The Art of Living Together

13.05.2017 / Palazzo Lezze / Campo S. Stefano
San Marco / Venice / Italy

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