CYBER MIRROR / New York / interactive installation
We were honored to be invited to the LUMA Projection Arts Festival which was held in Binghamton, New York!
We presented an interactive installation “Cyber ​​Mirror” to thousands of spectators.
This project was based on the principle of face tracking which allowed us to project the face of any person in the form of a particle system that responds to facial expressions and human movements.
The audience was able to take part in this installation simply by going to the marked zone on the site, which was scanned by a sensor. Once scanned, the person was able to choose one of the several types of designs to project his face on the screen.
This installation attracted the viewer precisely because it built a direct connection between the person and the project, so that a person can completely influence the event, personalize his face on a large screen, record and share it in social networks.
We would like to thank the LUMA Festival organizers for the opportunity to participate in such a fantastic event!