WHITE SIGN / video mapping installation
Our team decided to make an ambitious video mapping project on one of the most complex and unusual architectural buildings of the city of Baku – the Heydar Aliyev Center.
We aimed to do the job in total harmony with the building itself and its dynamic and stylistic particularities.

Since the theme was the Cultural Heritage of Azerbaijan, we visited during six months almost all libraries, museums and archives of Baku in order to use original materials for inspiration.
For this project we painted about 35 portraits and 100 illustrations, which later were combined to animated 3D graphics. Especially we would like to underline, that we considered each of 1500 plates of the façade panels for our projection.

We are extremely glad that the author of the musical accompaniment for our installation is a famous Azerbaijani jazz pianist and composer - Isfar Sarabsky.
The main pride we feel is the fact, that we have been able to implement the most ambitious and complex video mapping project of the country with absolutely no budget, only through the help of our colleagues, friends and just good people!
And the most important is, that we have shown in our work everything what makes us and our country proud!

Author of the project - Javid Guliyev
2D artist and illustrator - Aygun Hasanova
3D artists - Agharahim Ibrahimov, Javid Guliyev
Art Director - Anfisa Bessonova
Technical Director - Anar Gurbanov

Organizational Support - BEAT Group

Technical Support - A + A Events

Graphic design posters - FABR! CA agency

Support for printing - Stamperia Print House

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