BAKU 2015 EUROPEAN GAMES / video mapping installation
We created a video mapping installation that was dedicated to the celebration of the 365 days before the first European Olympic Games in Baku. This installation is unique because we only had 2.5 minutes to reveal the essence of each event logo element: fire, water, pomegranate, carpets, and the phoenix. We decided to introduce each topic through the national dances of our country. To accomplish this, we invited a professional dancer to film each element of the national dances. Later, we processed the filmed dances into 2D and 3D graphics and transformed them to embody the spirit of the Olympic Games and the athletes. This was all combined with the direct animation of character logos. Thus, we were able to create an effect that showcased the integration of human form with the Olympic symbols.

Автор проекта – Джавид Гулиев
3D художники - Агарагим Ибрагимов, Джавид Гулиев
2D художник и иллюстратор - Айгюн Гасанова
Музыка - Berthold "Berti" Fuchs (production, digital arrangement, mixing, mastering) / Nadir Guseynov & Kamil Ahmedbeyli (recording, production, mixing)
Танцор - Виктория Лимарова
Арт директор - Анфиса Бессонова
Технический директор – Анар Гурбанов
Отдельня Благодарность - Гуменюк Сергей

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